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Welcome to Triune Biblical University

Welcome to Triune Biblical University; a university that is international in scope and localized with various national campuses around the world. If a local campus is not available, degrees can be received through correspondence academic training.

Lawrence E. Day, PhD, ThD

Matthew's Gospel tells us that the Lord Jesus gave the great commission to "teach all nations." We are a community of great commission scholars with the goal of equipping the saints to perform the ministry of spreading the true gospel and resisting the deceptions, false teachers and doctrines of devils that abound.

We have the Triune Professional Association for those who want to maintain ties with us as well as the capability to be ordained to help in your ministry. Contact us for more details.

If you have a local school and you would like to explore association, contact us to determine if you would like to join the International Collegium or possibly becoming one of our local campuses.

God Bless You,

President, Triune Biblical University
Lawrence E. Day, PhD, ThD